Launch Configurations

It is easy to run Terasology from source. Simply run the main method in facades/PC/src/main/java/org/terasology/engine/Terasology and everything should work. This may fit for the most cases but from time to time it is handy to customize the launch configuration a bit.

All of the following steps can be perfomed from the Edit Configurations dialog in IntelliJ. To open it press Shift+Alt+F10 then 0. My default configuration looks like this:

Edit Configurations

Setting the home directory

In the default configuration the home directory of Terasology will be the user home directory. When working on things like the world generator or doing multiplayer testing, it is hand to have different locations for different instances.

To use a custom path, add -homedir=<path> to Program arguments. For example -homedir=Z:/Terasology1. This will store all game data for this launch configuration in Z:/Terasology1.

Multiple configurations

When testing multiplayer it is preferable to launch independent instances. To do so, we can duplicate the launch configuration, rename the second one to something like Terasology2 and change the home directory to -homedir=Z:/Terasology2 as shown in the previous section.

With this configuration in place, we can now launch two instances from two different working directories. Again, we can use Shift+Alt+F10 and the arrow keys to navigate through the run configurations in IntelliJ.

Debug Configurations

No splash, No sound

By using the additional parameters -noSplash and -noSound, the splashscreen is not loaded and the game won’t use sounds. This is my favorite setting because I barely develop on the sound system and I like my own music ;)

No splash No sound

Further options

All command line options can be found in the sources of or by running the game with -h as parameter which will print all available options on the console.

More information about configuration for a standalone application is available at

Written on December 18, 2017